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Could PrestaShop be the Answer?

Finding it hard to choose the right e-commerce platform

It’s always a challenge finding the right platform, not because there is a lack of options, far from it. There are so many great, fit for purpose platforms that the challenge is choosing the right one for your business. This clip may help you…

Support ‘Internet Safety Day 2016′ – We Do!

See Internet Safety Day 2016 for more info…

Getting a New Business off the Ground in 2016 – Is a Website Builder a Good Idea or Not?

It seems that 2016 will be the year of the start-up, 2015 was an exceptional year for many new businesses getting off the ground and already two weeks into 2016 it looks like we will see an even bigger push with small businesses being launched at an even more aggressive pace.
Budgets are often tight for small business start-ups and unless you have some significant financial backing getting online can be even more of a challenge.

We checked out a few hosting providers and Hosting Ireland seem to have this wrapped up if your looking to create a website, offering a easy to use website builder platform with everything you need and pricing was very competitive too…

Website builder platforms come into their own offering a cost effective solution to getting online and they offer tremendous choice for small businesses. However, is the website builder product all it’s cracked up to be, could you start a business with one? Well, the website builder has really come on in the last five years offering lots of features and choice such as mobile responsive templates, huge image library’s offering 10′s of thousands of images, database and cart integration. The financial benefits speak for themselves, with many website builder packages including unlimited pages and editing, so you can update and add products to your website as often as you like and domain name, hosting, email and nearly always included.

Having a professionally built website is obviously the first choice if money is no problem, on the face of it though we would say a website builder could be the way to go if budget constraint is factor…

Build An Ecommerce Site In 25 Minutes?

Absolute Beginners Guide to Drupal

What is ‘E-Commerce’?

Whatever You Do Be Safe On The Internet – ‘Safer Internet Day 2015….’

Will 2015 be the best year online for you?

All the signs are there that 2015 will be a fantastic year again online. There are no signs of slowing as online purchases continue to grow. Some developed markets are driving new innovative ways of transacting online while developing markets continue to adopt the channels and routes to market that have already been tried and tested.

How are you going to make the best of 2015?
Do you have your site fully optimised?
Are you conducting A-B testing?
Is your product portfolio competitive?
How are you tracking your competition?
Could your site perform better?

We’ed love to hear from you….

How To Create An E-Commerce WordPress Website – Step-By-Step Tutorial…