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Could PrestaShop be the Answer?

Finding It Hard to Choose the Right E-Commerce Platform

It’s always a challenge finding the right platform, not because there is a lack of options, far from it. There are so many great, fit for purpose platforms that the challenge is choosing the right one for your business. This clip may help you:

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Getting a New Business off the Ground in 2016 – Is a Website Builder a Good Idea or Not?

It seems that 2016 will be the year of the start-up, 2015 was an exceptional year for many new businesses getting off the ground and already two weeks into 2016 it looks like we will see an even bigger push with small businesses being launched at an even
more aggressive pace.
Budgets are often tight for small business start-ups and unless you have some significant financial backing getting online can be even more of a challenge.

We checked out a few hosting providers and Hosting Ireland seem to have this wrapped up if your looking to create a website, offering an easy to use website builder platform
with everything you need and pricing was very competitive too.
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Build An Ecommerce Site In 25 Minutes?