Well, there is lots of talk about Cloud Computing, but is it just talk or are there real benefits? Well this is all dependent on your ecommerce business. There are some great benefits to utilising the Cloud for your business and the obvious is flexibility and value for money;

Flexibility – This is where cloud computing really beats any other solution hands down, especially if you have a business that is seasonality driven or has visitor and/or user spikes. Cloud technology means that resources such as RAM, disk space and processing power can be managed in such a way that your site is always performing optimally regardless of the amount of traffic it is receiving.

Value for Money – The flexibility that Cloud Computing can deliver by way of resources can be reflected in costs, in that you are not stuck with a fixed solution and therefore fixed costs. Most Cloud solution providers will offer daily billing based upon your requirements. This has excellent advantages as you only pay for what you really need. If your business is a startup then you can pay-as-you-grow and keep costs under control.

These aren’t just the only benefits, but we recommend that you speak with one or two reputable Cloud providers and get the solution that best fits your business.