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Getting Started with Enterprise Hosting….

  If you have been thinking about investing in dedicated hosting, you may want to consider enterprise hosting instead. This more recent option provides all the advantages dedicated hosting does over shared hosting, but without the need to manage everything yourself. What this means is that with enterprise hosting you don’t need to worry about: […]

Best Web Hosting For WordPress 2019

New .ie domain registrations jump almost 30% in 2018 following registration rule change…

Latest .ie Domain Profile Report reveals insights into make-up of .ie database, including growth of regional .ie registrations, the oldest .ie domains, and the most expensive 51,040 new .ie domains registered in 2018, up +29% on 2017; the total .ie database increased to 262,140, up +10% Border, Midlands and West region counties, such as Roscommon […]

How to Choose a Hosting Package

If you’re making your first expedition into hosting your own website, you’ve come to the right article for advice. We’re not going to make any assumptions here about what you already know, so you’ll get all the information you need to help make getting started as smooth as possible. Look at features first, then the […]

Comparison of Website Builders in Ireland…

When it comes to publishing a website, people generally have two options: • Build the entire site themselves, or • Pay a developer to build it for them But sometimes it can be the case that you lack the required coding skills to develop an entire website all by yourself, and also lack the financial […]