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Securing Your Site and User Trust With SSL

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) has two important functions associated with site security and integrity: • When your SSL certificate is digitally signed by a trusted third party certificate authority, it helps to verify that your site is identifying itself correctly • SSL encrypts all communications between the user and your site, making it difficult for […]

Could G Suite Enhance Your E-Com Business?

In 2016 Google rebranded their business apps to ‘G Suite’. This video may help you decide if this Google product is worth exploring further! For more information see G Suite

Could PrestaShop be the Answer?

Finding It Hard to Choose the Right E-Commerce Platform

It’s always a challenge finding the right platform, not because there is a lack of options, far from it. There are so many great, fit for purpose platforms that the challenge is choosing the right one for your business. This clip may help you:

Build An Ecommerce Site In 25 Minutes?