Website builders are nothing new and for sometime the ability to build a simple website has been within the reach of most people, even those without technical skills.  However, in general the websites have been quite simple in design and functionality.  Design has often been limited to a few templates and a limited design pallet.  Functionality has often been even more limited and the ability to transact being no more than a paypal checkout.

This is now changing and professional website builders is becoming the preferred tool for many a budding entrepreneur wanting to get a serious online business off the ground.  The new breed of website builder delivers real design functionality allowing literally everything to be changed so that you can really demonstrate your design flare.  Layout, text, font, colour, images, video just to mention a handful and the only limit is individual creativity.  But here is the big plus, now the latest website builder can deliver real ecommerce functionality, allowing you to upload multiple product lines into a professional CMS and present a professional online retail environment, deliverying fast, secure online transactions.

One other major benefit is that most website builder products are priced on an annual subscription basis and includes hosting, domain name and email, so no large upfront costs.

Wow how the world is moving on…